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"My good opinion once lost, is lost forever"   Pride and Prejudice

"If you can't think of anything appropriate to say you will please restrict your remarks to the weather. "  Sense and Sensibility

"The most beautiful thing in the world is a match well made."  Emma

"I think I shall be damned for what I have done."  Daniel Deronda

Welcome to the latest site from Wild Dreams Productions. One of the many things Marie and I have in common is our love of British period films. This site focuses on those wonderful films that take place in the 18th and 19th Century (with a few from earlier times thrown in) when life was simpler and the surroundings were the lush green countryside of Britain. This site will cover many of the movies that represent that era from some of the well known classics like Pride and Prejudice, Sense and Sensibility and David Copperfield as well as some of the lesser known films. We will also include fanart and music videos created for some of the films as well as some background info on many of the more well known authors. We hope you enjoy browsing through our little site. Relax, have a cup of tea and travel back to a time when men were gentlemen, women were respected and manners were as natural as breathing.

~  LITTLE DORRIT - 2008   ~

This gripping new adaptation by Andrew Davies brings to life Dickens' powerful story of love, honour, debt and hope in 1820s London.

When Arthur Clennam returns to England after many years abroad, his curiosity is piqued by the presence in his mother's house of a young seamstress, Amy Dorrit. The cold and forbidding Mrs Clennam isn't usually given to charity, so why has she made an exception in taking on Amy? Is she making reparations for a past wrongdoing? Does it have anything to do with Arthur's father's dying words and the pocket watch with its mysterious inscription, 'do not forget'?

Arthur's quest to discover the truth takes him across the City to the Marshalsea Prison for Debt where he meets and befriends Amy's father, William Dorrit, the prison's longest serving inmate. As he tries to help the Dorrits, Arthur discovers that the dark shadow of debt stretches far beyond the walls of the Marshalsea Prison to affect the lives of many. Just as it is possible to climb to the very top in London Society's intricate game of snakes and ladders, so it is possible to slip right down.

But if Arthur succeeds in unravelling the mystery of his family's past, where will it leave him in the scheme of things? And where will it leave the Dorrits?

~   LITTLE DORRIT - 2008   ~


Little Dorrit is based on the book Little Dorritby Charles Dickens .
Little Dorrit is available on DVD.
Principle cast for Little Dorrit are:
Amy Dorrit.........................................Claire Foy
Arthur Clennam.................................Matthew Macfadyen
Mr. Dorrit...........................................Tom Courtenay
Fanny Dorrit.......................................Emma Pierson



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